Our Services


We have dedicated professionals and experienced working staff and a fleet of well-maintained vehicles to provide service to our customers.

On Time Delivery:

World Transport Agency ensures, on time delivery by its vast experience. 


We undertake and provide hassle free documentation job for all the inbound and outbound movement of cargoes. This includes the handling of Entry Tax formalities, if the sale is not involved in the transaction. We also maintain Excise/Sales Tax registers at warehouses if necessary.

Security Issues

  • We maintain high ethical standards for security measures for parcels from both our side and clients-side.
  • Our all vehicles are GPS (Global Positioning System) Activated so that we can track any of our vehicles position within a second.
  • All staffs personal and profession profiles are safely documented in both hard and soft format.

Information Technology

  • Live Tracking of Vehicles through GPS
  • Our Complete business transactions are software based
  • Information Technology Based Infrastructure for smooth operation of Business System

Our fleet of vehicles includes:

  • Open Body Trucks.
  • Containerized Trucks.
  • Body Trucks.
  • Ten-Tyres.
  • Apart from our own vehicles, we have sufficient number of attached ones which can meet any requirement of our client.

Our Assurance

We maintain all the standards of perfection while handling the goods, packing, moving and during the transportation process and affordable rates from all destinations. We believe in long term business relationship with our customers.